Backup Solutions

inertiaSYSTEMS uses advanced backup systems that will ensure your companies crucial and important systems and data is at a minimized risk

Backup and Disaster Recovery

inertiaSYSTEMS online back-up service uses advanced technology to compress and encrypt your corporate data and move it to an offsite server. This minimises the risk of business data loss. A percentage of these backups are also stored locally to allow for quick recovery and minimise the need for expensive internet bandwidth utilisation.


• No human intervention required to change media
• Messaging system backups and database system backups
• Backup result notifications and reports
• Fully automated backup schedules and operation
• Rapid recovery of single files or entire production servers on different hardware

What makes us different?

• Dell server onsite
• Dell server acts as a back-up server for immediate file recovery
• Replication of back-up data to an offsite secure data centre
• inertiaSYSTEMS does not charge on data usage but only on the size of storage capacity

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