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We at inertiaSYSTEMS offer a wide range of Network services and solutions for our clients.
One of our key focuses is to ascertain the exact needs and future growth plans for our clients, this way we can build a reliable lasting and efficient solution that is tailor made for each individual clients needs.
We only use premium brand products for our infrastructure installs, this guarantees a level of service and quality throughout the network environment.

Business ADSL

We have an array of service providers who offer customer specific business ADSL solutions that are paired to each client pending their exact needs. All of these solutions come with an SLA from inertiaSYSTEMS for the hardware and quality of the service. Telkom business ADSL lines are required for this solution as Telkom provides a much better time to repair should there be any link failures. For SLA pricing and solutions please refer to our support menu.

ADSL Unshaped

ADSL unshaped gives equal priority to all traffic, allowing you unlimited access to Skype, VoIP, forex trading as well as international share trading. This gives you excellent reliability and un-throttled international throughput. This solution is also perfectly suited for companies that use their link to download data from ftp sites, private servers or any other location that would otherwise be throttled as it's labelled as non-essential business route.

ADSL Uncapped

The ADSL Uncapped service offers you unlimited access to the internet, this saves the headache of a large bill at the end of the month for excessive data usage. There are multiple grades of uncapped ADSL solutions, because of this it is recommended to fully understand the net traffic trends of each company to be able to provide the best suited solution.
This can range from a simple 1mbit standard uncapped account for the companies that use their internet link for small amounts of data, email, web browsing and the odd download for drivers or software, all the way to 20mbit business uncapped ADSL for clients who have access to Telkom's latest ADSL offering, this would provide great connectivity to clients who do a lot of data transfer across the internet.


VDSL is Telkom Very High Bitrate DSL line. This technology is relatively new and areas that support this technology are limited but slowly being expanded. Main regions for this service in Gauteng are the following: Rosebank, Fourways, Bryanston, Randburg, Diepsloot, Bedfordview, Benoni, Boksburg, Weltevreden Park, Hatfield, Waterkloof, Menlyn – more are being commissioned which makes the list ever expanding.
The pro's to a VDSL line is not only the 20mbit and 40mbit download speed options but also an improved upload speed of 2mbit and 3mbit respectively, making these solutions great for companies wanting fast downloads and greater uploads than the ADSL offerings. Uncapped solutions are recommended for these offerings because if left unmanaged can run through a cap extremely quickly.
This solution would be ideal for those companies wanting to host a great deal of on-site caching servers and WSUS servers, mail servers and exchange server. It can work well for cloud services but to have ideal performance we would recommend moving to a fibre solution as they offer synchronous data.

3G / LTE

We offer 3G and LTE as either a backup solution or in places where ADSL cannot be provisioned. Due to the inconstant ping times and unreliable throughput over the data connection we do not recommend using this type of connection for latency sensitive applications and would be very cautious to use it as a primary link for a VoIP solution.
Before putting in a 3G solution the best network for the area would be recommended for usage. In the event that the relevant hardware is not available to make use of the failover a complete solution will be put forward for installation.
This solution pairs very well with an ADSL / VDSL or Fibre connection for backup connectivity.


We offer assistance with installation of Fibre line installations. On top of this service we off SLA maintenance contracts to manage and maintain these dedicated links for clients require maximum uptime with quality data management and quality of service.
We use Internet Solutions, MWEB, Dark Fibre, Light speed, BitCo, MTN and Neotel to supply fibre connectivity to our clients depending on coverage and access speed. Installation costs can only be ascertained after doing a feasibility study on site. We can offer services ranging from 1mbit to 500mbit depending on the needs of each client.

We also are at the forefront of assisting with Smart Office parks and Digital Estates. This comes in as a bonus for clients wanting to save money, have reliable service and have the ability to run other services across the same fibre backbone such as VoIP, CCTV and DSTV.
Installations ranging from a basic install for a small office network to large networks requiring multiple levels of access, high speed connectivity and main backbone links where speed is paramount for efficient work. All our network installs use high grade Cat 5E or Cat 6E network cabling. Our preferred choice is to install CAT 6E to facilitate upcoming network technology, it also allows for much easier network expansion such as 10GBit back bone links, PoE installs for VoIP / Camera’s.

All our network equipment is datacentre grade equipment ensuring the best throughput and reliability, from managed switches to managed firewall solutions. All our solutions are designed around each customer’s specific needs and growth plans to ensure the technology being used is able to withstand the needs and last for years.

• Proxy Server Installations
• Fibre Installations
• VPN Setup and configurations
• Wireless Hotspots

All our solutions are custom designed for each client’s individual needs, all our solutions come with an SLA on maintenance and upkeep tailored to the needs of each client.

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