Management Solutions

Your IT manager contact that provides personalised service and regular support around key areas including:

• Service review and escalation
• Software license management and upgrades
• Cost and budget management
• Security and risk prevention and management
• Hardware maintenance and potential areas of failure

Realtime Server Monitoring and Alerting:

In addition to overall performance reporting, real-time alerts are provided to offer early warning of any potential system failures and resource utilization issues on hosted servers and major internal services. We deploy software that records web usage of all clients on the network at managements request for use in performance reviews of employee’s and for network abuse.

Active Support:

We place utmost priority in proactively managing your servers and workstations/laptops, our active support measures include:

• Automated and manual server maintenance and support
• Automated and manual PC maintenance and support
• Asset tracking
• Managed antivirus
• Patch and security management
• Web protection

Here at inertiaSYSTEMS, we have dedicated specialists to assist in remote and onsite active support requests covering the following points:

• Server, workstation, mobile user support and email support.
• Backup change and error resolutions on service critical solutions.
• Permanently deployed IT resources onsite to assist with upkeep and service delivery to the client.

Realtime Management

inertiaSYSTEMS deploys systems into your infrastructure that allows for real time monitoring on all your services and systems in the environments, whether you have multiple sites across the country or the world.

• Email notifications
• Realtime alerts
• Hassle free
• Peace of mind solutions

Mobile Device Management

Security: Configure detailed security settings on business-owned devices.
Location tracking: Protect against device theft and keep track of device locations with reports that leverage the devices' GPS features.
Ownership details: Keep track of devices registered to individuals and associated handset details.
Data usage monitoring: Ensure you never pay extra data usage fines on your users’ registered devices.
• Lock phones, set passwords, or wipe devices. Additionally, you can remotely configure email and Wi-Fi access on your devices.
• The mobile device management tools support Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows devices and tablets. 

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