VoIP Telephone Installations

Due to rising costs in running companies, many are moving away from traditional Telkom BRI PABX systems to an IP based telephone system. Not only does it reduce costs but the call quality is vastly superior to that of the traditional analogue or even the ISDN based systems currently in use today.

Main benefits are a more a manageable voice system with more on the go customisability to adapt to the daily changes to the business environment. Extensions can be added and removed to adapt to the business size and demand.

Call logging, reporting and recording of calls are now able to be easily managed in a digital format with fast access and little fuss from telco and PABX suppliers. This allows for a more dynamic telephony environment where you can give your customers the best service whilst being able to manage your company’s telephony setup.

Additional benefits to a well spec’d VoIP setup is the fact it is capable of delivering quality telephone services even in the event of a power outage by making use of a UPS, POE Switch and POE enabled handsets. This makes keeping in contact with clients even in the event of load shedding or a power outage the phone systems will still be able to function.

All VoIP setups are custom configured for each client to ensure the best value for money and best possible solution for their environments. PABX, phones, backhaul systems and other required equipment to make it function efficiently and reliably.

VoIP offers roughly a 2 year return on investment, sometimes sooner on larger scale setups and depending on what older infrastructure it is replacing. When removing PRI and BRI connections for traditional PABX systems, the cost can be significantly reduced on a month to month scale by as much as R10 000.

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